Travel Policy

Baggage & Claims


Baggage will be accepted for transportation from traveling customers only. PINEAPPLE AIR will not accept baggage whose size, weight or character makes it unsuitable for transportation on the aircraft as determined by PINEAPPLE AIR.

Bag Allowance

For each traveling customer, PINEAPPLE AIR will allow baggage with a maximum total weight of 40 lbs per passenger. Bicycles, golf clubs and ski equipment are allowed, subject to operator-specific constraints. Carry-on may not be allowed given the interior stowage constraints of the aircraft. Excess baggage will be carried on a space available basis. Baggage compartment constraints of the aircraft may restrict the size of the bags that may be accepted for travel, regardless of weight.

Limits of liability for baggage including fragile or perishable goods

Liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage is limited to $250 per passenger. PINEAPPLE AIR and operators assume no responsibility for loss, damage or delayed delivery of baggage not acceptable for transport.

PINEAPPLE AIR assumes no liability for fragile, valuable or perishable articles. Neither PINEAPPLE AIR nor operators are liable for, keys, jewelry, money, negotiable papers, books, documents, irreplaceable antiques, collectibles, artifacts, works of art, prescription medication, photographs, electronic equipment, computer equipment, cellular phones, fragile articles or other similar valuable items and commercial effects included in baggage with or without the knowledge of PINEAPPLE AIR. If any such items are lost, damaged, pilfered, or delayed, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement under this standard baggage liability limit.

Neither PINEAPPLE AIR nor operators are liable for minor damage such as scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, cuts and dirt resulting from normal wear and tear.

Claims restrictions, including time requirements for reporting or filing claims

Lost, delayed or damaged baggage must be reported to a PINEAPPLE AIR customer service agent within three (3) hours of the arrival of the flight on which the loss, damage or delay is alleged to have occurred. All claims for any loss, damage or delay of checked baggage must be received by PINEAPPLE AIR in writing. Otherwise, such claims will be considered waived.

PINEAPPLE AIR assumes responsibility only for those claims arising from transportation of baggage arranged by PINEAPPLE AIR.

No action shall be maintained for any loss, damage, delay or pilferage of baggage, unless appropriate notice is given in accordance with this section. If notice is not given in accordance with this section any such claims will be considered waived.

Restricted Articles

The Bahamas Civil aviation department prohibits carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your baggage or on your person. Hazardous materials include explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials. Examples include: paints, lighter fluid, fireworks, tear gases, oxygen bottles and radiopharmaceuticals. There are special exceptions for small quantities (up to 7 ounces total) of medicinal and toilet articles carried in your luggage and certain smoking materials carried on your person. For further information, contact PINEAPPLE AIR.

Federal law provides that no person shall carry a deadly or dangerous weapon, either concealed or unconcealed, aboard any PINEAPPLE AIR booked aircraft except: (1) Appropriate documentation and identification is presented. (2) Firearms are unloaded, dismantled and encased in a hard-sided suitable locked container may be carried as checked baggage, subject to operator-specific procedures. Ammunition must be securely packaged in a container made of durable fiber, wood or metal, or in the manufacturer's original package. The passenger will be required to complete the applicable declaration forms.

Live Animals

Live pets are accepted for transport subject to the conditions noted herein. Pets must be accompanied by a traveling passenger, as pets will not be accepted as unaccompanied freight. Reservations must be made for pets when booking with PINEAPPLE AIR. See also Service Animals under section entitled "Acceptance of Customers”.

On PINEAPPLE AIR flights, passenger must provide a kennel suitable for transport of the pet. Kennels for large pets may not fit in the aircraft and the customer should contact PINEAPPLE AIR directly for information regarding size constraints.

Dogs may travel as follows: Dogs not exceeding 20 pounds in weight may be carried in the cabin but must be placed in a soft carrier. Dogs exceeding 20 pounds in weight must be properly secured in a hard kennel and placed in the baggage area.

The animal must be harmless, odorless, inoffensive and suitable for cabin air transport as determined by PINEAPPLE AIR and/or the operator. A passenger assumes full responsibility for the safety, well being and conduct of his or her pet while on-board the aircraft, and for compliance with all governmental requirements. Upon arrival, health certificates may be required.

Acceptance of Customers

Refusal to transport

PINEAPPLE AIR may refuse to book transport for, refuse to authorize the commencement of an already-booked trip for, or may request that an operator remove at any point, any passengers: when necessary to comply with government regulations; when necessary for the safety and/or comfort of themselves or other passengers; or when the customer's conduct is disorderly, abusive, or violent towards other customers or PINEAPPLE AIR or operator employees.

Disabled Individuals

PINEAPPLE AIR will not refuse to book transportation for a disabled individual, who may be transported in accordance with the operator's General Operations Manual in compliance with The Bahamas Civil Aviation, on the basis of his or her disability. PINEAPPLE AIR defines disabled individual as any passenger needing special assistance and/or consideration because of physical or mental limitations such as blindness, deafness, mental handicap (not so severe as to endanger the safe operation of the flight), advanced age, senility, heart conditions, etc. Passengers who, because of age, mental or physical condition, disability or impairment, require individual attention (on enplaning, deplaning, during flight and/or during emergency evacuation, or during ground handling at an airport) will be afforded a reasonable amount of assistance.

PINEAPPLE AIR may refuse to book transportation for any customer on the basis of safety and may refuse to book transportation to any customer whose carriage would violate Government regulations or the General Operations Manual of the operator for Pineapple Air. In exercising this authority, PINEAPPLE AIR personnel will not discriminate against any disabled individual solely on the basis of the disability.

If more than one disabled individual is traveling on the same flight, PINEAPPLE AIR will, in its sole discretion and in cooperation with the operator for that flight, determine whether all may travel on the same flight, as per the General Operations Manual of the operator for that trip and in the interest of safety. Special seating requirements may apply.

Fully collapsible wheelchairs will be carried free of charge. Electric wheelchairs are carried free of charge, one per aircraft, when consistent with space and weight constraints. Wet cell batteries must be disconnected, terminals insulated, and stored in strong, rigid packaging. Box must be clearly marked as enclosing such item with arrows indicating "up" position. Regulation battery boxes are highly recommended.

Service animals

PINEAPPLE AIR will permit dogs and other service animals used by qualified disabled individuals, to accompany the person on a flight free of charge however, all of the requirements for live pets still apply. Specific seating arrangements apply to accommodate live animals in the aircraft cabin. A passenger assumes full responsibility for the safety, well-being and conduct of his or her service animal while on-board the aircraft, and for compliance with all governmental requirements.


Passenger Manifest

No person will be entitled to transportation except upon presentation of a valid ID (see the Required Documents section for more details) with name matching the passenger reservation for each flight. Any passenger-initiated changes to such transportation may result in a change in price, assessment of monetary penalties, or loss of transportation value.

Reservations are non-transferable. PINEAPPLE AIR is not liable to the owner of a reservation for honoring such a reservation when presented by another person.


All travel must be pre-paid.

Cancellation or Changes by Customer

All tickets purchased from Pineapple Air are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Customer acknowledges that PINEAPPLE AIR incurs both monetary and opportunity costs when customer books a trip. Customers who cancel a flight prior to the scheduled departure time will receive a flight credit and will be allowed to pay a fee to change the departure time of the flight leg. Should PINEAPPLE AIR accept the fee and change the departure time, PINEAPPLE AIR will continue to market unsold seats, if any, on that flight leg, departing at the new time. Subsequent requests to change the departure time, including requests to return it to the originally scheduled time, will be treated like the initial request, and will incur additional fees.

PINEAPPLE AIR will attempt to accommodate changes in departure date or time, passengers, departure or arrival airport requested by customers. If PINEAPPLE AIR is unable to accommodate customer requested changes, customer may cancel in accordance with the terms herein. PINEAPPLE AIR may, in its sole discretion, issue a full or partial refund in consideration of extenuating circumstances, such as in the case of the death of a family member. Credits on account expire after 12 months.

Customers have the flexibility of scheduling their flights for any time they choose, and thus are expected to be on time.

Cancellation or Changes by PINEAPPLE AIR or the Operator

Passengers who have not checked-in and are not at the boarding point ready to board the aircraft at least twenty (20) minutes before the scheduled departure time are subject to having their reservation for that flight cancelled as well as all other reservations in their itinerary.

When a passenger fails to honor a segment of a reservation, PINEAPPLE AIR may cancel, without notification, all continuing and returning portions of the itinerary contained in the same reservations record.

If PINEAPPLE AIR's refusal to transport the customer is for reasons defined in section "Refusal to transport", the reservation will be cancelled.

In the event that PINEAPPLE AIR or the operator cancels a flight or fails to provide a previously confirmed seat and does not reroute the customer either over other PINEAPPLE AIR flights or those of another operator, PINEAPPLE AIR will refund directly to the customer:

  • An amount equal to that paid, if no portion of the reservation has been used; or
  • The refund will be the amount equal to the applicable charge for the unused segment(s) if a portion of the reservation has been used. In no instance will the amount refunded be greater than the amount paid for the reservation.
  • No refund will be made if ground or sea transportation is offered for part of the itinerary and accepted by the customer.
  • The applicable refund will be granted only if the customer complies with the provisions set forth in these terms and conditions.

Customers on flights cancelled by PINEAPPLE AIR or the operator where the customer does not accept an offer of substitute transportation via the next available flight or ground/sea transportation will be offered a refund.

Pricing, Frequent Flyer Reward

All prices are subject to change without notice.

The price charged on any reservation applies only to the transportation specified thereon. Any passenger-initiated changes to such transportation may result in a change in the price, assessment of monetary penalties, or loss of transportation value.

Credit purchased under the PINEAPPLE AIR Frequent Flyer Rewards discounted pre-purchased travel program may be used on a dollar-for-dollar basis to purchase any future PINEAPPLE AIR ticket. Frequent Flyer Rewards credit is valid for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase and is non-refundable. Any unused portion of Travel Rewards credit shall expire and become void twelve months from the date of purchase.

Flight delays and re-routings

PINEAPPLE AIR undertakes to use reasonable effort to arrange the expeditious transport of all customers and baggage.

Irregularities include:

  • Delay in a departure or arrival of a PINEAPPLE AIR-booked flight resulting in misconnection.
  • Flight cancellation or any other delay or interruption in the operation of an PINEAPPLE AIR-booked flight; or
  • Changes that require re-routing of the customer at departure time, because prior notice of such change had not been given to the customer prior to the customer's arrival at the airport for the original flight.

Irregularity does not include Force Majeure events as defined below.

When a customer will be delayed because of an irregularity involving an PINEAPPLE AIR-booked flight, the following will apply:

  • PINEAPPLE AIR will arrange for the transport the customer on the next flight on which space is available.
  • PINEAPPLE AIR may at any time, with concurrence of the customer, arrange for the customer's transportation on an operator other than the operator originally booked and with whom PINEAPPLE AIR has an agreement for such transportation.
  • If PINEAPPLE AIR is unable to arrange alternate transportation acceptable to the customer, PINEAPPLE AIR will refund the cost of the unflown portions in accordance with the procedures outlined in "Cancellation or Changes by PINEAPPLE AIR or Operator”.

Force Majeure events include:

  • Any condition beyond PINEAPPLE AIR's or an operator's control (including but without limitation, meteorological conditions, acts of God, airport traffic congestion, Air traffic control flight restrictions, delays, riots, embargoes, hostilities, or unsettled international conditions whether actual, threatened or reported) or because of delay, demand, circumstances or requirements due, directly or indirectly, to such condition.
  • Any government regulation, demand or requirement.
  • Any other fact not reasonably foreseen, anticipated, or predicted by PINEAPPLE AIR or an operator.

PINEAPPLE AIR may, in the event of a force majeure event, without notice, cancel, terminate, divert, postpone, or delay any flight or reservation and determine if any departure or landing should be made, without liability except to credit for any unused portion of the reservation.

Amenities for Delayed Customers:

PINEAPPLE AIR will attempt to communicate frequently and keep the customer informed as to the nature of delayed flights.

No amenities or compensation will be provided to a customer on a flight that is delayed or cancelled in the area where the customer originates or at the customer's destination.

No amenities or compensation will be provided to a customer on flights that are delayed or cancelled due to any force majeure event.

Denied Boarding

Oversell situations may occur as a result of human error. They also may result from booking rejection problems that occur between reservations systems used by PINEAPPLE AIR and/or agents, or from inadequate contact information for alerting customers of changes in advance.

When an oversell situation occurs, PINEAPPLE AIR will encourage customers to voluntarily relinquish reservations in exchange for credit for future travel booked by PINEAPPLE AIR, or other compensation. The request for and selection of volunteers will be in a manner determined solely by PINEAPPLE AIR. PINEAPPLE AIR will arrange transport for the customer on the next flight on which space is available.

If volunteers are not forthcoming, PINEAPPLE AIR and/or the operator will select the customer(s) who will be denied boarding and will make every effort to make appropriate arrangements. The selection of the customer(s) for denied boarding will be in a manner determined solely by PINEAPPLE AIR and/or the operator. Consideration for priority in boarding may include a customer's disability, traveling of unaccompanied minors and whether other customers may experience a severe hardship (in the judgment of PINEAPPLE AIR and/or operator personnel) as a result of denied boarding. Business commitments will not, of themselves, constitute a severe hardship. Customer will not be eligible for denied boarding compensation if PINEAPPLE AIR arranges for alternate transportation, acceptable to customer, which is anticipated to arrive at the airport of the customer's destination earlier than or within four (4) hours of the original scheduled flight. No denied boarding compensation will be provided if the customer does not fully comply with all provisions as set forth herein.


Smoking is prohibited on all PINEAPPLE AIR arranged or booked flights.

Right of PINEAPPLE AIR to change these terms

PINEAPPLE AIR reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, proposed flight times, and pricing without notice.

Required Documents

General Requirements

Proper travel identification and documents are required for all domestic and international travel. Also, you will need to show your photo identification whenever requested, possibly including but not limited to, at the terminal, at security checkpoints and when you board the plane.

Requirements for Domestic Travel:

  • Unexpired government-issued photo driver's license OR
  • Unexpired government -issued photo National Insurance card OR
  • Unexpired passport OR
  • Employee ID issued by a Federal local government agency